Power of Attorney & Court of Protection

Our experienced team deals with all aspects of making, registering and managing powers of attorney, and making applications to the Court of Protections.

We advise clients on a wide range of such matters including:

  • General Powers of Attorney
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) of which there are two types
  • Property and Affairs LPAs, for dealing with financial matters, payment of bills, sale of property/investments to realise funds if necessary and re-investing to maximize assets
  • Health and Welfare LPAs, to deal with matters such as where you live, moving into a care home, and refusal of medical treatment, should it be the case that you are unable to do so yourself
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPAs) – these are still valid if signed before October 2007, and we deal with registering them with the Office of the Public Guardian
  • Court of Protection Deputyships – for situations where clients become mentally incapacitated and have not made an LPA or an EPA, to appoint a trusted family member or close friend, or professional to be a Deputy

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